Austin Butler‘s tattoos in his most recent movie The Bikeriders has the internet obsessed — but does the Elvis actor actually have any ink IRL? Keep reading for a guide to his tattoos!

Does Austin Butler Have Any Tattoos?

Yup! The actor has one tattoo that’s actually dedicated to his mother, who passed away when he was around 19 years old.

“I have one that I got for my mom, I get so tempted to get more because especially a film like this [The Bikeriders] where I got them all up my arm,” he told Entertainment Tonight in June 2024.

And what is the tattoo of?

“It was her number — the number 27,” he said of his wrist tattoo. “It meant a lot to her — she was 27 when I was born.”

Are Austin Butler’s Tattoos Real in ‘The Bikeriders’?

Austin plays a leader of a motorcycle gang in the 1960s in The Bikeriders, and fans immediately were obsessed with the ink he sports in the movie. ICYMI, the actor has several tattoos going up his arm in the movie, which include a deck of cards, a peacock and a shoulder tat that says Benny.

He stirred up some confusion while he was filming the movie, as he actually kept the ink on while he wasn’t filming. During an interview with Janelle Monáe in 2022, the singer-actress asked him about his tattoos.

“I’m filming a movie right now, that I go back to on Monday — where I’m in a biker gang with Tom Hardy and we’re in the ’60s and so these are for the film,” he explained.

Austin is known for his method acting, which is an extensive form of studying and embodying the character an actor plays. For instance, the Nickelodeon alum was so intense about his role for Elvis, that it took him nearly three years to stop speaking like the King of Rock n’ Roll.

“I’ve definitely in the past, with ‘Elvis,’ explored living within that world for three years and that being the only thing that I think about day and night,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 2024.

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