Everything, yet nothing, has changed with the Dolan Twins since they were children. Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan's love of making funny videos goes way back, and their latest video proves it. The web stars found some old home movies not to long ago and mentioned them in one of their videos. If the video got 300k likes, they'd post one of the gems from long ago. Obviously it did – so they watched their 7 year old selves on camera for all of their fans to witness along with them.

The homemade series the boys filmed back when they were kids was called "Bob and Rob." They couldn't manage to download Season 1, but they decided to post themselves watching Season 2 for all to see. Now, they're back for Season 3. Fearless, they are.

Given the fact that Ethan and Grayson never post a video that doesn't include some kind of extreme twist, the boys decided that they would have to eat super spicy hot peppers every time they had to pause their childhood vids due to cringey-ness. Classic Dolan move, punishing themselves with absurd challenges. Well, it didn't take them long to pause – the first scene of Episode 1, titled "Jailbreak," had them fully shook to the core. We're not quite sure what exactly the plot is all about, but it seems as though the boys were trying to break their pet bird out of jail (AKA some cubbies in their room).

grayson ethan dolan

We don't know what all the screaming is about, tbh. Personally, we find the baby Dolans absolutely precious. "Ethan was way more cringe than me I think," Grayson said about the first episode. The second one was another story though. We introduce to you, "Wrench Finger Joe." Who is that, you ask? They don't know, we don't know, the world still does not know. All Episode 2 consisted of, essentially, was the boys trying out some early 2000's "Photobooth"-esque cloud filter talking total nonsense. UM, SURE.

After much freaking out over the hot peppers they subjected themselves to, the boys got to Episode 3, "Another Cinderella Story." Yes, like the Selena Gomez movie. And just as you probably suspected, they reenacted it.

dolan twins childhood vid

What they see as next-level cringe is pure gold in our minds. Keep the throwbacks coming, boys!

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