Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan are absolutely no strangers to putting themselves up to insane challenges, and crazy makeovers have a lot to do with it. Let us never forget those terrible spray tans. Well, this time it has to do with their facial hair. The boys took part in No-Shave November this year, and since it’s almost time for them to shave their beards – they figured they’d have a little fun first.

So in true Dolan Twin fashion, they decided to dye their facial hair red and green for the rest of the month. Festive, right? Watch the video below to see Ethan and Grayson’s Christmas colored beards. Be warned, you’ll never be able to unsee this.

Can’t say we didn’t warn you! Given the fact that Ethan pierced his tongue and they have tons of tattoos, we think it is definitely safe to assume there’s more where this came from.