The Dolan Twins deserve a round of applause today. Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan have been going through some pretty tough times lately between private family matters as well as the pressure to put catchy, awesome videos online for their fans to see. With all of this weighing on their shoulders, it's not surprising that they would feel the pressure. Grayson previously opened up about trying to battle his anxiety and most recently, Ethan admitted that he struggled with the same thing.

Ethan posted a series of tweets on Twitter that worried fans. He said that he was not mentally in the right place. He also tweeted that he needed hand surgery. Obviously, being so vague, the fandom was very upset for their well being. Now, we've got some answers.

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In black attire, the twins looked somber. They began their video titled, "It's Time To Be Honest," and Ethan said, "Something happened recently that really made me realize I need to start being more honest."

Grayson chimed in and said, "I think we were both at really low points mentally and if we had just sat down and talked about it and faced it then none of this would have happened. But, here’s the story."

Ethan continued, "We were in the middle of filming the video, a lot of the things we had planned for the video fell through all at once and we realized it wasn’t really going to be possible to get this video up. I get really stressed out and I start to lose control of myself. My brain is just taking over my body at this point and my brain is just not in a good place and then Grayson came over to try and help me calm down. It like wasn’t even me at that point."

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Grayson said, "I went over to calm Ethan down because I don’t like seeing my twin brother who I love like that. As I went to do that, I grabbed onto him, he started running and then we both fell to the ground, when I got up I looked at my hand and my finger was bent side ways and cracked." Ouch!

Now, this whole thing comes full circle. Ethan explained, "I let all of you guys down because now there’s no video going out and I don’t even know how I going to ever be able to think of another idea again or anything like that because my brain is just going insane at this point. He’s caring about me. You guys are caring about me. I’m just not caring about myself. Out of frustration, I did something really stupid, I punched a glass window. I’m not thinking at this point, I just wanted to break something. I look down at my hand, after I did that, and I had the worst wound I’ve ever had in my life on my hand. It was completely split open. Sorry to gross anyone out but there’s blood dripping everywhere."

But, it didn't end there. After Ethan was completely stitched up, there was still a large piece of glass stuck in his hand. Immediate surgery was necessary. Ethan said that the moral of the story the message of the video is that you just need to be honest with yourself. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to talk about your feelings because if you don't, everything will just build up. And built up tension is never good.

It seems like the boys are getting back on track and doing okay. Twin casts for twin boys – we must say, they can definitely pull it off. We're rooting for you guys!

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