The Dolan Twins are back at it again with another challenge so wild, only they would do it. Their recent "Daddy Challenge" had fans shook AF, and now they've put another parenting-themed challenge out into the world. Seriously, what's gotten into them? They're all about the parenting life these days. This time, they're not taking care of babies though. No, no. It's much more than that. Ethan and Grayson are putting themselves up to the most motherly duty of all – giving birth.

We know what you're thinking – that is just downright impossible. Naturally, that was our initial reaction as well. However, let us not forget that we are talking about Ethan and Grayson Dolan here. Is there anything they wouldn't put themselves through for some premium YouTube content? No, there is not. And this video is proof that they'll put themselves through even the worst pain all for quality entertainment purposes. The social media stars go to the most extreme measures to make their videos as authentic and unexpected as possible, and this one takes the cake.

To mimic the pain of birthing a child, the internet-famous bros climbed up on top of a mountain – yes, a mountain – with a labor pain simulators in hand. It was all v dramatic, but it also just so happened to be a human growth and development education at the same tine.

Each twin took turns getting hooked up to the scary device. Throughout the challenge, the boys asked each other birth-related questions. The one who answered the most questions incorrectly had to get hooked up to two machines – you know, like giving birth to twins.

grayson dolan childbirth

It's safe to say both twins got their fair share of zaps and took it like champs. But like, we can't help but wonder – why are they putting themselves through this misery?

ethan dolan childbirth

We must say – Grayson and Ethan were impressive with their knowledge. Ethan ended up taking home the win in the end, which resulted in his brother Grayson having to double up on the machines. He didn't take it well. But who could blame him? It was legit the worst video punishment, like ever.

grayson dolan birth challenge

These boys are always surprising us with their insane challenges – we honestly don't know how they're suppose to top this one.

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