The Dolan Twins know how to get everyone talking with their wild challenges, proving they’ll do just about anything to entertain their fans. First there was the infamous “Daddy Challenge” that had everyone shook, and then there was the whole giving birth on top of a mountain thing. Now, Ethan and Grayson Dolan have something new to tackle. Although it is not as wild as anything mentioned above, it is downright exciting and super impressive.

The twins are going to be part of MTV’s TRL (AKA Total Request Live) reboot – which is happening in October. The original show, which featured popular music videos, ran on MTV from 1998 through 2008 – and now, they’re back for more. We caught up with the boys and they opened up about what this new gig means to them, along with sharing their worries about making the adjustment from Youtube to live TV.

“We grew up watching MTV, so this is like a dream come true,” Grayson exclusively said to J-14. “We have like 90% is bloopers or whatever in our videos. So the pressure is on. This is live. Hopefully we don’t mess up.”

“We probably will,” Ethan chimed in. “Please don’t make fun of us.”

Considering the fact that the boys are joining the TRL fam, we couldn’t help but wonder what their dream music video would be.

“I really like Super Duper Kyle’s music videos he’s a friend of ours and it would be cool to be in one of his. He’s really cool and creative and original,” Grayson said.

When Ethan tweeted out the news, he wrote, “GRAY AND I ARE GONNA BE ON TV ON MTV @TRL !!!!! So excited to be working with MTV on this AHHH. Stay tuned u guys are gonna like this.”

Grayson also shared the super exciting news with fans by sharing not just one, but two tweets. It’s huge news, how could he contain himself to just 140 characters? The message to fans reads, “ETHAN AND I ARE GONNA BE ON TV! @MTV is bringing back @TRL and me and E are gonna be working with them! IM SO FREAKING EXCITED GUYS.”

He then followed up his excitement by sharing with fans just how unreal this all seems to the two of them. Clearly, Grayson is excited for this next chapter in their careers – as if fans couldn’t already tell. He wrote in his follow-up tweet, “Me and E are gonna be on TV… LIFE IS REAL CRAZY.”

Ethan and Grayson will be joining the team as correspondents, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So yes, they will be hosting the show on certain days of the week. This means fans will be getting an even bigger dose of twins, and they’ll be able to see them flex even more of their talents with some crazy antics to match. The Dolan twins are getting ready to take over the world, but we only have one question to ask. Is everyone ready for it?

Reporting credit: Morgan McMurrin

This post was originally published on September 23, 2017 and since has been updated.

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