Just last year, the Ethan and Grayson Dolan took their video making to a whole new level. The internet-famous twins launched their very own space that acts as a hub for all things Dolans. It's where they shoot and edit YouTube videos, hang out, and most recently, the place where they meet fans. Yep, that's right. We're talkin' about the magical spot that is the Dolan Twins warehouse.

When did the Dolan Twins get their warehouse?

On April 25, 2017, the Dolan Twins published a video to their YouTube channel announcing the opening of their warehouse. It was a project that they had to keep under wraps while it was being built, which is why they were so excited to finally share the news. With a very aesthetically pleasing (and Instagram-able) neon purple "Dolan Twins warehouse" sign, a skate ramp and a foam pit – their dream hangout spot has truly become iconic in the fandom.

Their videos have really been taken up a notch ever since opening the warehouse. Not only did they had Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez come to the warehouse to judge a gymnastics challenge, but they also did a crazy warehouse obstacle course and gave each other spray tans in there. Always keeping us on our toes, these guys.

Who designed the Dolan Twins warehouse?

The Dolan Twins warehouse is completely custom-made, and they have their older sister Cameron to thank for it – as she's the one who really had the vision for the whole thing.

"Big shoutout to our sister who basically designed this entire place from head to toe – shoutout Cameron," Grayson shared in their warehouse announcement video.

What is the Dolan Twins warehouse address?

So, where is the Dolan Twins warehouse? Well, the warehouse location is top secret. While fans are always trying to find out where it is, the location is low-key impossible to find.

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How do you become a Dolan Twins warehouse winner?

If you are a fan of web stars like the Dolans, Cameron Dallas or Hayes Grier, then you have probably heard of an app called "Episode." Essentially, it's virtual fanfic. Need we say more? Well, Episode sponsored a video for the Dolans where a very special fan got to visit the warehouse, do some fun challenges with the boys and even play the animated game with Grayson and Ethan themselves.

dolan twins fan game

Yep, we're all jealous. Here's to hoping the boys do another contest soon!

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