Ethan and Grayson had been teasing a big announcement last week, and the boys finally made the big reveal. The Dolan Twins have officially announced that they are directing a music video, something they have never done before. While they said the music video is for “their favorite band of all-time,” they didn’t reveal which band at first. But now, we know it’s Aussie band Cub Sport.

Ethan shared in the boys’ Instagram Live, “Grayson and I have been working on something for a really long time now, and it’s something that is extremely different – we haven’t done anything like this ever before, but it’s something that we’ve always been passionate about it and wanted to always try and it’s so crazy that we finally can. And I think it would be really cool to share with you guys to let you know what we’re doing now and share the final project with you guys.”

Fans went totally nuts on Twitter when the boys finally made the announcement, and it is safe to say they’re super proud.

“I’m so proud of you guys @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan for directing this music video, I’m so happy and I can’t wait to see it. ILYSM and I’m gonna support you guys until the end. (I didn’t sleep for 2 days for this announcement but it was worth it,” one fan wrote.

There was even a pretty convincing theory the boys’ are directing Why Don’t We‘s next music video – which would’ve literally make our fangirl hearts explode.

“what if the dolan twins are directing why don’t we’s music video, i know that ethan and daniel are kinda friendly so it could be a possibility????? i really hope so bc then all the dolan twins stans will become limelights and i love dolan stans,” the fan speculated. “also that be mad exposure.”

Another fan pointed out, “Idk I think @GraysonDolan & @EthanDolan are directing a music video for @whydontwemusic because lately I’ve seen them liking their tweeets.”

We know the Cub Sport video is going to be straight fire – but hey, we wouldn’t mind if they also collab with Why Don’t We in the future. Just throwing it out there.

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