As Dove Cameron fans know, she will be putting out music soon enough. But once again, she is encouraging her fans to be patient.

“here’s the dilemma. if i speak about my upcoming music and how i’m listening to it as i type this and making plans and sending feedback, you guys get mad and say i’m teasing, but then if i don’t speak about it, you guys think it’s not coming…so. what to do,” Dove wrote in a series of tweets. “it is a v complicated process ! so i don’t blame people for being confused/wanting it now [but] yeah i can’t just release it. you have to make a video, radio tour, press…and i can’t do all of that w/out time ! i want it to be perfect for everyone.”

A fan even asked when the release date it, but she confirmed that it hasn’t been confirmed quite yet. Besides, she’s super busy right now starring in Clueless: The Musical in New York City.

“i don’t have one yet bb! right now i’m doing 8 shows a week in NYC, but when i’m done, the music that i’ve already recorded will be my #1 priority. it’s more complex than it seems!”

The Liv and Maddie star totally gets where fans are coming from – they just want to hear their Queen in all her glory! The 22-year-old actress replied, “same,” to a fan that expressed just how badly they want it be be leaked.

Back in March, the Disney Channel alum revealed exclusively to J-14 that she is officially signed to Columbia Records.

“The music that you guys want to hear is going to take a little bit [of time], but what I can say is I officially signed with Columbia. I signed with a label, finally!” she told us. “I know my fans have been waiting for me to announce my label for a while now. But yeah, I trust them so much – and I wouldn’t have want to be signed to anybody else.”

While we’ll still have to wait to hear the new tunes, we do know that she has ten unreleased songs ready to go. While there have been a ton of rumors and lies spread about when and what music she’ll be serving up for us all, we know it will be nothing but amazing when it’s finally released into the universe. We can’t wait to finally hear what she has in store!

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