Dove Cameron may have been head over heels for Ryan McCartan, but it was really Zac Efron who stole her heart first!

Yes, it's true. Dove recently admitted that she had a huge crush on the High School Musical alum! In light of her upcoming performance in Hairspray Live!, she's got some big secrets she's shelling out about Zac – who played the role of Link in the Hairspray movie.

She said, "This is amazing. This is not a lie. This is 100 percent true. I had the poster of Hairspray right above my bed. And I had the biggest crush on Zac Efron, of course." LOL!

Who didn't?? He was charming and obviously had super good looks. It's pretty cool that Dove was such a fan of the story even before she was cast for Hairspray Live!. Do you think Zac will be watching her performance on Wednesday night?

To be honest, we're thinking yes. Remember when Simone Biles revealed her crush on Zac? He actually FLEW to Rio for her! Maybe once Zac gets wind of Dove's love he'll make her day, too. After all, he's known to make some pretty grand gestures for the gals who express their interest in him!

Can you imagine what Dove would do if she got his support before the live taping? Cue hysterics.

Did you know Dove had a big crush on Zac? Let us know in the comments below!

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