Hold up. Wait a minute. Will Dove Cameron and Bella Thorne really be working on the same movie together? Well, that would be the dream. These two have had some seriously flirty chemistry in the Twitter world. In case you missed it, there has been months of back and forth between the girls about how cute, amazing, talented, hot, datable – the list could go on – they think each other is. Fans actually started shipping them that’s how intense things got.

Not only that but Bella actually spoke publicly about Dove and said, “I love her. Honestly, I do want to wife her. She’s just so beautiful and talented. She’s funny and she has this like beautiful angelic image and it’s just like ‘ah Dove.’ It totally goes with her name and then you meet her and that girl is down. She’s so cool, talks with a lower register voice like me. I don’t meet many girls like that so that’s cool and she’s just like so chill and open you know and you just don’t meet people like that so it’s really, I really like her.” What a compliment!

But, it didn’t even end there. J-14 tweeted about it and Dove actually commented back to us giving her seal of approval over Bella’s words. One thing is for sure, the girls really have nothing bad to say about each other and the world can’t get enough. Now, there’s speculation that they could be working together which has literally caused an Internet freak out.

The Descendants 2 star actually started this whole situation when she mentioned that she had a special announcement to make. She put her message on Twitter for her 1.29 million followers to all try to decipher.


Then, just four minutes later, the Famous In Love actress responded to a fan who said he was going to write a screen play where Bella and Dove would be the stars! There’s no telling whether or not Bella saw Dove’s tweet and thought it was an appropriate time to give away these details or Bella was just messing around. She does have a tendency to do that. If no one has noticed this yet, Bella tends to play by her own rules.

Watch the video below and check out what Bella had to say about working with Dove.

Hmmm…this is all still too vague for us to say for sure that they are working together however, it would be quite the surprise. Dove definitely has something up her sleeve, though, or she wouldn’t have tweeted what she did. We’re hoping an announcement comes out today about all of this. Fans can hardly wait either. They responded to Bella’s tweet and couldn’t contain themselves.

tweet 1

tweet 2

tweet 3

Love interests, best friends or both, this movie could be pretty damn epic. Would Disney Channel do it? Would it be a legit feature film? Would they really be the stars of the whole thing or just background characters? Obviously, there are so many questions. Cross your fingers just in case Bella was just stirring the pot on Twitter. But, we have a feeling, whatever Dove’s announcement could be will have fans super pumped. Bella being involved in the project will just solidify the fact that these two don’t want to stay away from each other any longer!

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