Not a Drill: Dove Cameron Can't Release Her Music Quite Yet – But She Really, Really Wants To


Let it be known – Dove Cameron is legit dying to release her debut single, but she just can't right now, okay? While she is officially signed to Columbia/Disruptor Records, her music isn't coming out just yet. The star took to Twitter to clear up the confusion and assure fans that she wants them to hear her new music ASAP, but they're just going to have to wait a while.

While Dove had previously taken to social media to reveal the artwork for her very first upcoming single, titled "Talks About," fans are still anxiously awaiting for the jam to drop. The Descendants 2 star has been spilling detail after detail – and once we got a visual to go along with it, the release of her very own music seemed like it was finally becoming a reality.

"#talksabout #talksabout #talksabout," she captioned the edgy post, getting the hashtag going for the release of her first single. Rumors have been swirling around about Dove's music for a while now, and Dove is getting the ball rolling.

As for what kind of vibes we can expect from the song? Dove explained that her new music sounds a little like pop, but more rough around the edges.

"It’s definitely in the realm of pop, but edgier. It’s not straight down the center of the road that is pop, it’s left of pop. If you took pop and held a lighter to it… it’s a little burnt," she said in an interview.

Based off of the short snippets she shared from her recording sessions, it sounds like we may hear a fun dance number – but only time will tell.

Although the Disney Channel darling's upcoming single "Talks About" has lyrics driven by love, do not expect it to be your average love song. The lyrics may be inspired by relationships, but the sound will be different.

"It's a love song in the lyrics only. It's very production heavy," Dove revealed said in an interview with RAW. "I think my fans are really going to like it. I'm so happy with it, it's done."

This post was originally published on July 12, 2017 and since has been updated.

Watch: Dove Cameron Gives Details About Her New Music


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