Dove Cameron legit doesn't have the time for rumors, especially when it comes to the idea that she's a total diva who doesn't get along with her castmates. That's right, someone on Twitter attempted to accuse Dove of being difficult and pretty much rude to her Descendants fam but she was not having it and set it all straight like the boss she is.

So let's break it down: Dove was doing her typical tweeting back at fans, since she's always very active with her many followers and she jokingly responded to a tweet about someone having a crush on her saying that she's a total diva.

dove cameron tweet 1

Clearly, Dove was poking fun at herself but another Twitter user took this as a chance to voice some completely random thoughts he has about Dove's behavior when she's around her D2 co-stars. "She doesn't sit by the other cast members in interviews but gets perched higher than them in a selfie pose… you decide," he wrote and that's when Dove clapped back. The actress responded back to this guy and let him know that she doesn't maliciously decide to take center stage. "…you do know that people TELL us where to sit in interviews, and who is supposed to take the selfies, right? that's not up to us…lol," she wrote.

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dove cameron drama

But really, she is 100% right. When she's at some sort of event with co-stars, it's not up to them to decide the flow of the day. There are people whose job it is to direct the talent and position them for photos or interviews and such keeping in mind what will look best on camera. So Tim seems to be misinformed. And of course, this shut-down got even more dramatic when Dove's boyfriend and member of the Descendants cast Thomas Doherty chimed in and let his girl know that this one particular man on Twitter is just really concerned with her size. Since Dove is a tiny little human, she sometimes gets to sit higher so she'll be even with her much taller castmates. Duh.

Can always count on dear Tommy to defend his lady in a funny way. Dove was unbothered but this whole exchange though and just wanted to get the truth out there, since this isn't the first time false feud rumors with her co-stars have legit come out of thin air.

dove cameron tweet 3

So Tim, Dove doesn't have time for these games. Not today, bro.

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