Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty are literally inseparable. When they aren’t together, they’re talking about each other. And when we see them on Instagram they are what every girl would call #COUPLEGOALS. But, when it comes to Descendants 2 actress’ future career, it doesn’t involve Thomas. It actually doesn’t even involve acting at all if that’s comprehensible right now.

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Dove chatted with Coveteur and said, “I’m hoping to have some sort of [clothing] line because growing up, I really wanted to go to RISD and design clothing…I got my first little Brother sewing machine when I was 8. My dad would ruin his t-shirts with paint and give [them to] me, and I would make these crazy – truly extravagant for a child – outfits. So I would love to come out with a line because I’m always still sketching.”

Ahh, this would be incredible! While the Disney Channel star has plans for a new career path, she doesn’t mention that Thomas would be collaborating with her on it. In fact, Dove recently said that she would totally be okay with never working in a professional setting with her boyfriend again.

She explained, “I don’t know. I think when you are an artist who just loves what they do, and that’s something I love so much about him. He’s not like, ‘an actor’ or like ‘celebrity’ and I try to stay away from that as well, and you only kind of do projects that just make your heart beat. And so we’re super in love in and stuff, so I think it would be easy to collaborate with him again. But honestly, professional, personal, he’s the love of my life, so I’m good not working with again too.”

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In case you missed it, Dove worked with her ex-fiancé Ryan McCartan on the show Liv and Maddie as well as their band The Girl and The Dreamcatcher. While we can’t say for sure, it’s possible that Dove wants to keep her personal life separate from her professional life after seeing how working together takes a toll on a relationship. Ryan and Dove broke things off months ago and while there was no ill will towards each other, she probably learned a thing or two from that entire experience.

Okay, so she might be doing her thing solo and that’s okay. Dove’s style is already amazing, so we can’t imagine what kind of funky yet classic pieces she would put out there.

In the same interview with Coveteur, Dove further explained how in love she and Thomas are. “I’m, like, obsessed with my boyfriend. On the weekend, we love going to the movies. Everyone likes to stay home and watch Netflix, but we love getting all done up and going to a nice restaurant. We’re big proponents of old-fashioned romance.”

So, even though he may not be part of her future career, he will definitely be part of her future life – as of right now. It’s important to note that their relationship is in a good place even if working together again isn’t in the cards. Only time will tell if she makes this whole thing of becoming a fashion designer a reality.

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