Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan broke hearts everywhere when they announced back in October of 2016 that they had ended their engagement and broken up. Since then, there's been tons of speculation as to whether there is hope for a reconciliation one day, or at the very least, that they're still friends, with Ryan saying he is still texts Dove and she casually mentioned him on Twitter. The former couple obviously isn't choosing to ignore their past together, but one of Dove's recent Instagram pictures has fans wondering what type of message she's trying to send about the Rove days.

Dove shared a really cool picture of herself from a photo shoot and at first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary here. Except upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there is someone standing to the left of her she cropped out, since you can see his arm.

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nag nag nag 🍼

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Now, there is nothing wrong with cropping someone out of photo if you just want to highlight yourself, but this was a photo of Dove and Ryan from their days as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. So she essentially cropped Ryan out of the pic!

Since the pair is no longer together and they don't follow each other on Instagram anymore, it absolutely makes sense why Dove cropped Ryan out of the pic. But the fact that she posted it for her 10 million Instagram followers to see and obviously take note of this alteration to the original snapshot is a bit confusing. Maybe she really did just love the way she looks here and wanted to share that, and some self-love is always encouraged. Hopefully Ryan didn't see this post though, since that might make things even more awkward for them! They do run in the same social circle and happen to be working in the same industry, so their paths might just end up crossing sooner or later. Perhaps though, this is Dove's not subtle way of letting the world know once and for all she's over the Rove days!

What do you think about Dove cropping Ryan out of the pic? Sound-off in the comments section below and click through the gallery to relive some of their best pics together from happier times.

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