Slaying on TV and off! Dove Cameron has become a major star following her Disney Channel days, but how tall is the former Liv and Maddie actress? In some photos, she looks super tall and in other pictures, her famous friends are towering over her.

Keep reading for details on the actress’ height and more. 

How Tall Is Dove Cameron?

While Dove hasn’t confirmed her height publicly, she’s 5-foot-2, according to multiple reports.

What Has Dove Cameron Said About Her Height?

“Why am I so short?” the actress shared via Twitter in September 2015. Months later, she addressed her height once again when a fan commented on how “small” the actress is in real life.

“Girl I know,” Dove replied. “Lol everyone thinks I’m tall?”

When she was dating ex-boyfriend Thomas Doherty, fans were obsessed with their height difference.

“Never notice ’til I see pics, cause I’m shorter than everyone,” Dove gushed in November 2017 about her then-boyfriend in a Twitter post. “But it’s nice to have someone to carry me everywhere & let me hide in their coat.”

When it comes to her changing height, the Descendants actress blamed it on her “magic” heels while chatting with J-14 in December 2017.

“In the picture where I’m almost the same height as Thomas, those are 7-inch heels,” Dove gushed at the time. “When you’re short, you kind of are born in heels. I was like born with a pair of Manolos in my hand. They’re like, you’re gonna need these!”

She continued, “When you meet me in person and I’m not wearing heels, which most of the time I am, [I’m] 5-foot-2. [In] heels, 5-foot-9,” joking that “the chiropractor” is a major help with any pain she might be feeling because of her heel height.

Over the years, the actress has come into herself — despite her height — and her hair color was a big help.

“When I dyed my hair it was a reclamation of deciding who I was versus who I felt I always had to be,” she explained to E! News in August 2022 about going from blonde to brunette. “I feel like I have more fun now and I feel more in touch with myself. It’s wild how something as small as a hair color can do that for us.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Dove’s height in photos her alongside other stars. 

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