We were scrolling through Dove Cameron's Twitter the other day, you know, as we do, when we noticed something kind of weird about her height. In some pictures, like next to her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, she looks super short. Which she should, considering their enormous height difference — almost a full foot.

dove cameron height difference thomas doherty

In other shots she looks — well, still not tall, exactly, but definitely taller. So what's going on? Dove is definitely 5'2", and she's said so about a million times on Twitter, answering fans and commenting on when she feels particularly short. We knew we had to look into this.

It all started when we saw a picture of Dove with two of her Descendents 2 costars. She was hanging out at a South African radio station with her BF and BFF, Cameron Boyce. The pic is adorable, and when Dove added that she's actually wearing four-inch heels in the shot, we couldn't help but automatically go, "Awww!"

dove cameron height

But then we kept scrolling. And we saw another pic of Dove and Thomas that she'd retweeted onto her feed. In that first pic, Dove comes up to maybe the bottom of Thomas's nose — and that's with four-inch heels. In this pic, she's about level with his eyebrows or the top of his ears. So is she wearing like eight-inch heels? Does her boyfriend have his arm around her so she can balance in super tall shoes without falling over?

We had to look into this to figure out what is going on. Thomas is 6'0", and Cameron is 5'5". But Cam still looks a little taller than Dove in that group pic. If she's wearing four-inch heels, she'd be more like 5'6", and their height difference would be switched. Right? We finally got the chance to ask the Disney Channel star herself at the launch event for her Bellami hair extensions what the deal was — and if she's got some magic heels, Sabrina the Teenage Witch style. "First of all, my heels are magic," she joked before revealing her secret. "In the picture where I’m almost the same height as Thomas, those are 7” heels… When you’re short, you kind of are born in heels. I was like born with a pair of Manolos in my hand. They’re like, you’re gonna need these!"

And though most of us couldn't imagine balancing on what are basically stilts, this girl's pretty much a pro. "When you meet me in person and I’m not wearing heels, which most of the time I am, [I'm] 5’2. [In] heels, 5’9." Holy moly. How does she survive that? "The chiropractor," she joked. Want to take a closer look? Check out the gallery below to see how Dove Cameron measures up to her fellow celebs.

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