Dove Cameron is completely and utterly flawless, right? Right. Her platinum blonde hair can do no wrong, her seemingly porcelain-like skin is what dreams are made of, and she’s got a voice that so many of us wish we had. Not to mention she was the star of a widely successful Disney Channel show, Liv and Maddie and played roles in the Descendants series as well as Hairspray Live! But don’t be fooled by all of that because Dove went through an awkward stage in her life just like the rest of us. Only, she had to hang out with Ryan Gosling through it all. NO! Can you imagine? It might be my own worst nightmare, to be honest.

But Dove isn’t afraid to look back on those days and laugh at herself. She posted a throwback picture with Ryan, who looks just as delicious as always. Yet, we barely recognize her standing next to him and we’re giggling over it. Dove looks so young – and her makeup, well let’s just say she’s come along way (which she admits too).

She captioned the photo, “one of the strangest throwbacks i have; 13 year old me and ryan gosling. i performed with his band @deadmansboness in a club seattle before i was an actor. yes; i have ghost makeup on. yes; i plucked all my eyebrows off. no; i have not grown one inch in 7 years. legends only.” Legendary AF, if you ask us.

Aw! Obviously, she has changed a lot, but it’s really awesome to see that Dove is not afraid to show the world photos of herself before she was famous. It brings her down to a human level. Celebrities who might seem perfect are still people, which is what she’s getting at here. The only thing that hasn’t changed about our girl is her height, but that’s okay. Short girls rock! Awkward stage or not, young Dove will always remind us that celebs go through all of life’s phases just like the rest of us.

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