There are tons of stars out there who are just sick and tired of the constant negativity in the world. Whether it’s a list comparing various co-stars and their abilities to act, sing, or even dance – there always seems to be a competition of who can do what best.

Someone who’s just as over it as everyone else in the rest of the world, is actress Dove Cameron. The Disney Channel darling asked fans in a series of tweets to stop focusing on who can do what better, and instead become a beacon of positivity and happiness – because it’s so much more fun to do that.

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She wrote, "STOP PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER. stop putting people down/creating darkness. chill oouutt. let people be. go laugh at something funny. like, damn. just chill. it's exhausting to live in negativity. it's so much more fun to just live your life and let people be. focus on you."

She continued to write, "let's dissipate negativity by forcing angry people into dance parties. just drink your water, get your sleep, be a dope human being and forget about all the rest."

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As if anyone else needed more of a reason to love Dove.

Her idea of getting rid of all that negative energy by starting dance parties is pretty amazing. Just imagine how much more fun everyone would be having if they just started randomly dancing around on the streets whenever they felt frustrated or upset?

The Liv and Maddie star sure knows how to dish out some awesome advice, and fans couldn’t help but unanimously agree with what she had to say. Focusing on yourself is the most important thing, because you are the only one who can make yourself truly happy.

It's no wonder they always turn to her when they need some inspiring words.

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