Dove Cameron has starred in tons of memorable television and movie roles. From playing twins on Liv and Maddie, Mal in the Descendants movies and taking on live musical events like her roles in Hairspray: Live! and Mamma Mia!. So yes, she's been slaying the game and she's nowhere near done. Along with working on her highly anticipated solo music, Dove is set to star in a new movie featuring a pretty stellar cast.

She's snagged a role in Dumplin, along with her former Cloud 9 co-star Luke Benward, former Hairspray co-star Maddie Baillio and the legend that is Jennifer Aniston. The movie is based on the YA novel of the same name that tells the story of It follows Willowdean, whose nickname is Dumplin, a confident, plus-sized teen who decides to enter a beauty pageant just to get back at her former beauty queen mom. She becomes an inspiration of sorts and other teens who wouldn't ever think to do a pageant soon follow suit. This is for sure something totally different than what Dove has done before, so naturally her fans are beyond excited. Plus, she has a role on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is voicing a character in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors so obviously Dove has a ton in the works. And while she's clearly been up to so much lately, there are still plenty of roles out there fans and even Dove herself can see her taking on. We rounded up a few she's expressed an interest in via Twitter, you know, in the off chance Hollywood is looking for someone to tackle these parts. You're welcome.

Sabrina Spellman on Riverdale

There's been plenty of rumors that this beloved character from the Archie Comics universe would be making her way to The CW show and Dove has said she is totally down for it.

dove cameron sabrina tweet

Now, we know that the Sabrina character is actually getting her own show on Netflix and the super talented Kiernan Shipka is playing everyone's fave teenage witch but who knows. If they ever need Sabrina to stop by Riverdale High and Kiernan is busy, Dove can fill in, right? Wishful thinking, we know.

Elsa in Frozen

Dove has a truly magical singing voice and she really would thrive in a Broadway show. Frozen is coming to the Big Apple, so who better than Dove? She already has the platinum hair.

dove cameron elsa

Alas, the Broadway cast has already been chosen, but hey if Disney ever decides to make a live-action version of the beloved animated movie, they know who to call.

Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Another iconic Disney character! There is a live-action version of TLM in progress right now and since the live TV musical event has been scrapped, it's time to let Dove shine.

dove cameron ariel tweet

Imagine how STUNNING she would look with red hair as a legit mermaid belting out "Part of Your World?" Here for it.

Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man

Gwen is a character any Spider-Man fan knows, since she is one of the great loves of Peter Parker's life, and Dove has said it would be a dream for her to play.

dove cameron gwen stacy

There is a new batch of Spidey movies on the way, since Spider-Man: Homecoming came out last month and was a huge success. Plus, how perfect would she fit alongside this series' stars, Tom Holland and Zendaya? Dove and Z in a movie together. Life-changing.

Judy in The Jetsons

The Jetsons is a classic sci-fi cartoon series and it was recently announced that ABC will be debuting a live-action version of it. Who better to take on the role of the fam's teenage daughter Judy than Dove? They already look alike and she would slay those futuristic outfits.

dove cameron jetsons

Harley Quinn

Now, Margot Robbie pretty much has this role on lockdown since she totally killed it as Harley in Suicide Squad, but in case there's another movie or TV version that pops up along the way, Dove is our girl.

dove cameron harley quinn

She is legit obsessed with Harley and The Joker and we all know how she can no problem effortlessly playing a wickedly captivating villain everyone can't help but love.

Glinda in Wicked

OK, now this one seems like a no-brainer. Wicked is one of the most popular Broadway shows and the role of Glinda was originated by Kristin Chenoweth, who has played Dove's mom in both Descendants and Hairspray: Live!.

dove cameron glinda

There has been constant talk of a movie version of this Wizard of Oz prequel for years and it needs to happen with Dove as Glinda naturally.

A live-action version of Totally Spies with Katherine McNamara and Kiersey Clemons

This animated series ran for years and one fan pointed out that Dove and two of her real-life besties, Kat and Kiersey, would make the perfect Clover, Sam and Alex.

dove cameron totally spies

OK, now this one 100% would be perfect, let's get this show on the road already.

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