Once upon a time, Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan were the ultimate Disney Channel power couple. Fans of the Liv and Maddie stars know that things weren’t pretty when things ended, so why don’t we go back and investigate what really went down between them? But before we get into their long and complicated timeline, let us refresh your memory…

Dove and Ryan played the on-screen couple of Maddie and Diggie on Liv and Maddie, and fans immediately fell for the pair — because, well, their chemistry was undeniable on screen. In real life, these two fell in love too. They had a band together, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Plus, they even got engaged. So yes, we were all mentally preparing for the Disney wedding of our dreams.

Sadly, after almost three years together, they split. And well, things have been a bit dramatic since then. Just recently, Dove opened up to Seventeen about how she didn’t let the public see what they’re relationship was really like during the years they were together.

“It was my first ever real relationship, and it was on-screen and off-screen,” she admitted. “A lot of what I went through in that first relationship, the very low-lows, I did not make public. I was under the impression that I had to make everything look perfect all the time and my partner definitely put that in my ear. People thought I was sharing loads, but I hardly shared anything.”

They’ve each moved on since their split, but we just had to take a trip down memory lane. Scroll through the gallery to uncover the rise and fall of Rove.

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