It was a sad day for Rove shippers everywhere back on October 5, 2016 when Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan took to Twitter to officially let the world know they had ended their engagement and broken up. Besides the fact that a beloved couple had split, these two worked together, co-starring on Liv and Maddie and made music together as the musical duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. As you probably already know, the band was dunzo once Dove and Ryan broke up too, leaving us all with just one EP’s worth of music.

But that EP was filled with straight-up jams on there and one tune in particular, “Glowing In the Dark” just recently got a really cool shout-out. The song was used in ABC’s telecast and coverage of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse as theme song of sorts and Dove took to Twitter to let everyone know just how much this meant to her.

It is interesting to note she referred to it as “song of mine,” which you know, is half true. It’s both her and Ryan’s song, not just hers or his. She retweeted a ton of fans who were just so happy and proud of their girl, as they should be. But none of these messages made any reference to her ex.

dove cameron eclipse tweets

And what about Ryan? Well, he was just as excited to hear their song playing during the telecast, but he had a bit of a different reaction.

He referred to it as “our” song, meaning his and Dove’s. And when fans tried to tell him otherwise, he set them all straight.

ryan mccartan eclipse song tweet 1

OK Ryan hitting back with the sass, we see you, bro.

ryan mccartan eclipse song tweet 2

But he’s right, it is BOTH his and Dove’s song. They wrote and recorded it together after all. It’s obvious they’ve moved on from this past relationship, with Dove now happily dating her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty. While this isn’t the first time they have throw some subtle shade at each other on social media, hopefully all is well and they can both enjoy this moment for what it is, without any more drama.

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