Sista, Sista: Who Is Dove Cameron's Sister? Let Us Introduce You to Claire Hosterman

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Dove Cameron has surely made a name for herself, but what about her lesser-known older sister? Although Dove is not, in fact, a twin like her characters on Liv and Maddie are – she does have an older sister by the name of Claire Hosterman. And even though she's not Dove-level fame, she's an amazing performer just like her lil sis. So what's her story exactly? Here's everything you need to know about the beautiful and talented Cameron (er, Hosterman) sister.

She and Dove share the same parents.

Don't let Dove's name fool you. Although we all know her best as Dove Cameron, her real name is Chloe Hosterman – so yeah, they're both Hosterman gals. The sisters share the same parents – Bonnie J. Wallace and the late Philip Alan Hosterman. Their father passed away in 2011 when Dove was just 15 years old.

She is 7 years older than Dove.

Despite the fact that the two gals looks alike, there's a pretty decent age gap. Claire was an '80s baby, but Dove was born in the '90s. Claire's birthday March 10, 1989 – which means she's about to turn 29, while Dove is 22.

She is a voice coach.

There's no doubt music is in her soul. Whether she's in her Los Angeles studio or coaching people via Skype, Claire dedicates her life to teaching others how to discover their voice's unlimited potential. She's especially good at teaching how to sing like Disney princesses, if we do say so ourselves.

She's studied voice for years and years.

Claire studied voice for literally over ten years in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles and Paris – so yeah, talk about a pro. Here she is with her sissy at her graduation ceremony at Pitzer College in 2016 – where she studied anthropology as well.

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She and Dove are super tight.

If Claire's happy birthday post to Dove on her 22nd birthday doesn't convince you how attached at the hip they are, nothing will.

She wrote. "22 years ago, I got my wish. I had begged my parents for a sister. I wanted a sister to play with and who I could share stories with late at night in our bunk beds. When you showed up, I didn't think you'd be so small (somehow in my mind you'd come out speaking English and be ready to play hopscotch and I could pass on knowledge about the personal lives of my dolls and stuffed animals). I held you and felt your warmth. You were here. I had no knowledge of all the adventures to come. In that moment, you were just my sister. And you were exactly what I had wished for, in all it's forms. Every part of you is what I wanted and crave in a sister. Thank you for being my confidante, my inspirational visiting deity (as Dad would call us), and the best role model I could ever have. I'm beyond proud of you and your path, as you bravely listen to yourself and your gut and heart above all else. Every part of you I love. Happy beautiful 22 years, Chloe. I love you more than anything!!!!!"

Dove and Claire truly are sisters by chance, friends by choice.

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