Dove Cameron's fans have been anxiously waiting for her debut solo music to finally arrive. Girl has given us plenty of songs along the way, thanks to her roles in Descendants, Liv and Maddie, and Hairspray Live! and the EP she released when she was one-half of the duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. But now, it's time for solo Dove to rise and she took to Twitter to let her fans know the music is coming so soon. In fact, she's jamming out to it herself.

Dove is currently filming the new movie Dumplin' and while she was on set, she had the time to fully jam out to her upcoming single.

This is obviously so exciting for Dove and her fans, knowing this new era is upon us. The starlet then found herself responding back to some fans though who felt like she hasn't been entirely honest about the status of her music. "Soon" can mean tomorrow or a few months from now, so that's up to the person who chooses to say something is coming soon! As far as we know, Dove isn't signed to a record label, and a few fans seem to think she is and are confused over what the hold-up is coming from her team. But Dove is not here for any false facts and replied back that none of the things these fans were saying was true. At all.

Dove's music is taking time to be perfectly crafted because that's how any artist works and you can tell the actress is really putting all of her heart and soul into this project. She wants the music to be the best it can be before she puts it out into the world and no one can blame her for that. Always remember patience is a virtue. And at least she has given us some details about her first tune before.

"I can tell you that the single is called 'Talks About.' It's a love song in the lyrics only. It's very production heavy. I think my fans are really going to like it. I'm so happy with it, it's done," Dove said in an interview with RAW.

Looks like all the details we have for now, so Dove, just know we're waiting girl. Whenever you're ready.

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