Social media has the power to do a lot these days. From bringing awareness to important issues, to reaching out to a public figure in a very personal way, the ways to use it are endless.

Though could it be used to potentially cast a movie? If Dove Cameron has anything to say about it, then the answer is yes.

The former Liv and Maddie star has never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind out on Twitter, or answering fans questions. So when it came to her attention that she’d been fan casted in a live-action adaptation of the cartoon, Totally Spies – she couldn’t resist but want to put this into motion.

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For those unfamiliar with the show, it ran back in 2001, and was about three teenage girls named Alex, Clover, and Sam. They lived double lives, one as regular high-school girls and the other as super secret spies who saved the world from all kinds of danger.

It all started with a tweet that cast the Descendants actress as Clover, her bestie, Kiersey Clemons as Alex, and Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara as Sam.

Dove saw the tweet and immediately wrote to both Kiersey and Kat on social media, “when do we start.”

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Of course this got fans going totally wild, and prompted them to start asking both the other actresses if they were also down to join Dove on this project.

Kat was the only one to give fans a direct response. She tweeted out to the Disney Channel star, “I'm totally in! ?? @DoveCameron @KierseyClemons."

Kiersey was the only one to not say whether she was down to work on the project, but given just how close she and Dove are, we have a feeling convincing the Austin & Ally actress to want to take in on the fun shouldn’t be too hard.

There’s no word that this is actually going to happen, seeing as the idea came straight from a fan but who knows. Maybe this campaign will get a studio interested in the idea, or the girls will simply take matters into their own hands to bring the show to life. How cool would that be?

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