We can all agree that Dove Cameron is one of the prettiest people, period. The Disney star is no stranger to makeup from her many acting roles, from a smoky-eye look for her “Boyfriend” music video to a soft glam for her role as Mal in Descendants, the actress knows how to rock anything! So, it should come to absolutely nobody’s surprise that she also looks gorgeous without makeup at all.

“I can go anywhere from slight fresh glam to full beat,” Dove explained on Getting Ready With Vogue in May 2020. “In Descendants, I feel like I did all my own makeup all the time for the second and third films just because I was so particular at that point.”

One thing the Disney alum, 26, has been able to perfect is the skincare routine — which is the foundation of every great makeup look!

“I am pretty rigorous with my skincare routine,” the “Boyfriend” singer said. “Every environment that I’m in, my skin changes a lot … [so I come] prepared for the skin apocalypse,” she added. She also noted that at the time her skin was thriving she had been getting more sleep and drinking more water than ever before. “Those things are really big keys for healthy skin — even more so than most products.”

“Skin is a sort of language that I’ve always spoken,” the Descendants star shared with Glamour in May 2021. “If you’re in touch with your skin, you can listen to what it does and doesn’t like. I feel like I’m lucky because my skin is very combination, but in the way that I would want it to be,” she said. “It’s oily to the point where I’ll have a nice glow throughout the day. But it can get dry as well, so I’m always slathering on, like, nine different kinds of oils and moisturizers.”

All those products definitely pay off too! Scroll here for all of the actress’ best barefaced moments.

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