You may not know it by just looking at her, but Dove Cameron actually has quite a few tattoos! Sure, she’s not rocking a sleeve or anything like that, but the Descendants actress is pretty much the queen of tiny tats, and honestly, we’re kind of obsessed with them!

Throughout the Disney star‘s career, she’s shared a bunch of her ink designs on Instagram, and so far she hasn’t gotten anything that we don’t love. Plus, it seems like each tattoo holds a lot of meaning. Just take her sunshine tattoo, for example! She has the matching tattoo with her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, and it couldn’t be cuter. The actress spilled about each of her eight designs in a recent video with PopBuzz, and we finally found out about the mysterious ones she hadn’t previously mentioned!

Scroll through the gallery and take a look at the eight tattoos the Disney star has openly shared with the world.

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