Who knew that Drake Bell is actually a major Disney fan?! We sure didn’t! But now, the entire world knows because the former Drake & Josh star just gave fans an inside look at his epic Disneyland-themed mansion.

That’s right, while talking with the hosts of online show “WDWNT’s Club Cool,” the Nickelodeon alum revealed that there’s an entire room in his house dedicated to Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room and Adventureland. But that’s not all! The actor even gave viewers an in-depth tour, and he pointed out some pretty cool memorabilia from the Disney parks.

As it turned out, some of the masks hanging on his wall were even designed by Oceanic Arts — the same people who actually made the decor within Adventureland. Pretty cool, right?! He even had an artist personalize the iconic Jungle Cruise boat to read “The Daring Drake.” As if it couldn’t get better, Drake also showed off his light fixture, which came directly from the Polynesian Hotel.

This may be hard to believe, but the tour got even more amazing when the singer took viewers into his living room, which was painted and designed to look exactly like Disneyland and even included stuffed animals and pillows straight from Club 33. For those who don’t know, Club 33 is a private, invite-only club set within the New Orleans Square in Disneyland and, depending on the membership, there’s a pretty hefty fee that goes along with the initiation into the club. So yeah, it’s safe to say that those items from Club 33 were pretty hard to get. But since Drake has a clear obsession with Disney — and we don’t blame him, TBH — it’s no surprise that he obtained such exclusive items for his house.

Before he concluded the tour, Drake showed off one last art piece. This framed item read “Drakeland,” with each letter designed to represent one of the Disney parks. Honestly, we need this star to invite us over for dinner ASAP!

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