Hug Me, Brotha: Drake Bell Is Totally Down for a 'Drake & Josh' Reboot After His Beef With Josh Peck

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Life & Style has learned that Drake Bell, 30, have moved forward from the feud over Drake, not being invited to Josh’s wedding – and now a reboot of their hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh is on the table!

“Now that Josh and I are back together and everything is all square, I would love to [do a reboot],” Drake reveals, adding that they’re also willing to reunite in brand-new roles. “I don’t know if it would be where we play the same characters or if we would go do something completely different,” Drake, 31, explains.

“Him and I, our chemistry together is once in a lifetime in this industry,” Drake admits.

This article was originally written on our sister site, Life & Style.


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