It’s official, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus have collaborated together, but unfortunately for fans, their song may never see the light of day! That’s right, during a recent interview, the “Don’t Start Now” songstress admitted that they don’t know if the highly anticipated track is the one that they want to release into the world.

“I don’t know. We don’t know. We aren’t sure if the song is the one we want to release so it’s in waiting, and maybe we’ll do something different,” Dua told CapitalFM’s Roman Kemp on Instagram Live. “There is a song but we don’t know if it’s the song.”

As fans know, during a November 2019 appearance at the UK radio show, the songstresses teased that she was working with the Hannah Montana star.

“I’m a big fan of hers, and she’s so lovely,” Dua said at the time. “We’re thinking about doing something together in the near future, but we’re talking about it.”

Well, from the sounds of it, they may have to work on something else. Especially, if the song they’ve already created isn’t the right fit! Fans will, no doubt, be waiting to hear the sure-to-be epic song that these two starlets create!

For those who missed it, this admission came a few days after Dua got super candid about the rampant sexism in the music industry and claimed that “there is a lot less scrutiny of male pop stars.”

“I just feel I’m here because I do music, but when people write articles like that about me, it takes it away from my talent and makes me a thing. An object. People like to just objectify women,” she told UK’s The Sunday Times. The “Don’t Star Now” songstress added, “We constantly change the way we are so we don’t get harassed. Cover our bodies so boys don’t say things. From when we are kids we are told the way boys act towards us is completely normal.”

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