If you’re anything like us here at J-14, then you have most likely watched every single teen Netflix rom-com on repeat by now. Our latest obsession? Dumplin’. And when we think Dumplin’, there is obviously one iconic scene that comes to mind. Yep, that’s right. We’re talkin’ the kissing scene between Willowdean and Bo, AKA Danielle MacDonald and Luke Benward. That sound you’re hearing is us squealing over the thought.

Well, Danielle just opened up to Elle all about the lip-locking moment and what it was like smooching the 23-year-old actor in front of all those cameras.

“You have to get pretty vulnerable because you’re doing it in front of an entire crew of people. But at the same time, I’m glad I did it. I think girls need to see that she drove herself crazy about that, because that’s her insecurity. That’s something that she needs to learn to be okay with as well—he wouldn’t be touching her if he didn’t want to,” the 27-year-old leading lady said.

Danielle went on to explain what the character of Bo represents and why that intimate scene on the back of his pick-up truck was so pivotal.

dumpkin kissing scene

The star explained, “Obviously he’s a cute guy, but I don’t think he’s meant to represent the hottest guy that’s super popular. He’s not a star football player. It’s not about that at all. He’s just a guy at her work who actually has his own life and his own challenges. He just happened to find someone that is real and who he connects with, so why wouldn’t he like her? She sees him as this amazing guy, but he also sees her as this also powerful, beautiful girl. That’s the point. We shouldn’t be looking at this and being like, how could I get involved with this guy? I think that’s more the point of it—that there doesn’t have to be a barrier, and it also doesn’t matter what other people think, because they’re both into it. I think that’s pretty special.”

Special, indeed. And that’s precisely why we’ve got that scene on repeat. *Swoons.*

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