From the sound of it, the Sprouse Family vacations tend to get a little wild. Yep, that’s right, during a recent interview, Dylan Sprouse remembered the “craziest” moment during a family trip to Italy, where his twin brother, Cole, confronted a thief who stole their car and all their belongings.

“Recently we took a family trip to Italy and we were traveling all up and down the Amalfi coast. It was the best vacation, it was so awesome, but it had the worst moment, which our entire car got robbed of all of our belongings,” he told Elle during an episode of their “Worsts” YouTube series. “My brother actually saw the guy driving off and he has the windows rolled down and, I’m not exaggerating, Cole jumped through the passenger side window grabs the steering wheel and the guy speeds off on the highway while my brother’s legs are kicking out the side.”

Don’t worry Riverdale fans, it turned out that Cole was perfectly fine.

“Long story short, it ended alright. He was punching the guy in the face and everything,” the 27-year-old added. “I swear. I could not make it up, people always think I’m making this story up. It was actually the craziest thing.”

That’s not all! The Banana Split star also recounted the worst audition that he has ever had during his career and, yes, that story also included Cole. According to Dylan, the brothers were up for the roles of Thing 1 and Thing 2 for The Cat in the Hat back in the day. They auditioned in a gymnasium and the casting directors told the boys to “go wild.”

“What my brother and I interpreted that as was just beat the s**t out of each other,” he said, laughing. “Then we just wrestled and got angry, as kids do, at each other and then we stormed out.”

As expected, Dylan and Cole did not get that role, but at least they did get a hilarious memory!

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