Jingle Jangle: All the Adventures of Jemma the Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf comes around once a year and for a month, those the Elf pays a visit to are in for a treat. Each day, the Elf moves somewhere new and is usually caught doing something out of the ordinary. Well, we here at J-14 are lucky enough to have an Elf who hangs out with us before she heads back to the North Pole for Christmas and of course, we just had to show you all of her wild adventures. Meet our girl Elf on the Shelf Jemma, who each day during the month of December, we'll be sharing pics of all the mischief she gets in until she heads back to her headquarters.

From playing in the snow, baking, eating some treats and jamming out to her fave songs, Jemma is for sure going to get you right in the holiday spirit and she'll give your Elf on the Shelf ideas of what trouble they can get in at your house.

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Check out all of our Elf on the Shelf's pictures to see what Jemma is up to throughout the entire month of December!