Heading back to school is always a bittersweet time. It gets you back into a routine and you get to see all your friends and get back into sports and clubs. But then, you know, it's school. So there's the homework, projects, not being able to wake up at noon and watch Netflix if you feel like it. Plus, sometimes you just end up having an overall not so good day. Your outfit might be not exactly what you wanted to wear, you might say or do something embarrassing like tripping in the hallway in front of your crush; we know, tons of things can go wrong. But we're here to remind you that even when you feel like you had the worst day ever at school, it most likely isn't as rough as some of your fave TV characters' school days went.

That's right, we're rounding up some of the most cringe-worthy, yet still, super relatable school moments from some of your all-time favorite shows that will hopefully bring a smile to your face and help you get through a day at school. Just think: at least you didn't do anything these characters ever did!

Walking down the hall and getting a slushie, like in Glee.

glee slushie

Honestly, this is just plain cruel, cold and messy. Imagine having to walk around all day still feeling the stickiness from a slushy being poured into your face? So not cool. At all.

Showing up in the same outfit as the mean girl in your grade, like in Lizzie McGuire.

lizzie mcguire same outfit

Miranda and Queen Bee Kate had the same exact outfit on one day. And while if you accidentally had a twinning moment with your BFF, then you would take a funny pic and go about your day but poor Miranda had to deal with Kate's wrath. Just awful.

Pouring ketchup on your hand like on Hannah Montana.

hannah montana ketchup

Miley Stewart wasn't as fierce as #Confident as Hannah Montana was up on stage, so when Miley was chatting to her crush in the lunchroom, she once ended up slathering ketchup all over her hand and tried to play it off that it was a really great moisturizer. Good one but still, super embarrassing.

Sticking your finger in your crush's nose like on Girl Meets World.

girl meets world lucas and riley

A moment Rileu and Lucas will for sure never forget. And it went down in front of the whole class. Just let that sink in.

Your friend shaving all your hair off, like on Victorious.

victorious ariana grande bald

Oh poor Cat. She had to walk through school with her signature long red locks gone after she fell asleep in study hall and Jade cut of all of Cat's hair. It was all in the name of revenge for Cat accidentally waxing off Jade's eyebrows, but still, what a day that would be if it happened to you. She didn't even have a cute hat to accessory her newly bald head. Smh.

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