Prepare to get emotional, you guys, because Emily Osment just shared a never-before-scene photo from on set of Hannah Montana, and in the caption, she opened up about her time on the show.

While reflecting on the years she spent portraying Lilly Truscott in the fan favorite series, the former Disney Channel actress got real about how the show forced her to grow up at a young age.

“This is one of my favorite photos from HM. Have no idea who took it or why the great room set is empty on a tape night, but I have a physical copy of it from a disposable camera and now it’s on the internet,” she wrote, alongside an adorable snap of her and Miley Cyrus looking at each other. “I spent a couple hundred Friday nights here instead of all the places a normal teenager should have been and it made me an adult faster than I could prepare myself for. However, I am grateful to have been handed a sense of accountability and purpose at such a young age because I still have it  — and then some.”

As fans know, her emotional post comes just weeks after she and Miley had a reunion via video chat, during an episode of the “Wrecking Ball” songstress’ Instagram Live series, “Bright Minded.”

Throughout their virtual hang out session, the ladies reminisced about the show, and they even opened up about their first day of press for it. Miley recalled, “My teeth had all decided to fall out … so my mom had to get me fake teeth.”

Miley Emily

“As we were starting to get a little older, I remember it kind of feeling a little strange to put on a tutu and a wig,” she continued about the Disney series. “They say you get younger as you get older. Now I put on wigs and dance around the house … I was getting paid then and now I’m just doing it for s**ts and giggles.”

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