Everyones been wondering what the deal is with the Sister Squad lately. We mean, the group of YouTubers, made up of Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan used to hangout and collaborate on videos all the time. But lately, they’ve all been pretty busy doing their own things and it’s been several months since we last saw all four of them together. In fact, fans are all starting to get a little concerned that the Sister Squad has split up once and for all.

Well guys, Emma just spoke about our favorite group of friends in her recent podcast, and it’s such a relief to hear her talk about them again! In the podcast, the 17-year-old was investigating why people hiccup, which brought her the topic of the vagus nerve. And when the name of the nerve reminded her of the squad’s trip to Las Vegas, she couldn’t help but reminisce about it.

“I don’t like Las Vegas at all,” she explained. “It’s hot. It’s really far apart. There’s a lot of naked women. OK, I’m a woman, and there’s nothing wrong with naked women — but it’s just not my vibe. Let’s just put it that way. I have nothing against Vegas — all I’m saying is that you would have to pay me to hang out there. That’s all I’m saying.”

But Emma revealed that during her last trip to the city, which was with (you guessed it) the Sister Squad, she had a lot of fun.

“I actually did go to Vegas relatively recently, and I actually did have a good time there,” she continued. “But I had a good time because of who I was with not because of where I was. Honestly, it was a stretch to have a good time where we were. And I actually, to this day, don’t know why we chose to go there.”

OK, so although she doesn’t say them by name, it’s pretty obvious who she’s referring to. Aww, we love that they were able to make the trip fun for her, despite her deep hatred for the city. Ugh, can they hang out again soon please?! Thanks.

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