From Nickelodeon child actress to total superstar, Emma Roberts has made quite a name for her herself in the Hollywood scene. Aside from starring in TV shows like Unfabulous and American Horror Story, she’s also become known for films like Nancy Drew, We’re the Millers and the 2020 favorite Holidate.

Yes, she may have been known as Julia Roberts‘ niece, but the starlet is finally all grown up. Now, people know Emma for her on-screen characters, newest role as a mom and her ever-evolving fashion sense. Constantly showing off her OOTDs on Instagram, the Aquamarine actress has taken her fashion game to the next level. Fans have even become so obsessed with both her red carpet and street style looks that there’ are multiple Instagram accounts with thousands of followers dedicated to recreating Emma’s outfits.

“In the last year, where I spent most of my time at home, it really helped me when I was feeling kind of overwhelmed or down to get dressed up for the day and kind of act as though I was going somewhere,” Emma told Harper’s Bazaar in August 2021. “I started doing my house with stuff a day on Instagram, as a way to just kind of put myself together and not get into this slump of not leaving the house. And then, I started having fun with getting up in the morning and putting on a face mask and a little makeup, and also just an outfit that made me feel excited for the day — instead of wearing the same sweatpants every day like I had been doing.”

In the same interview, the actress also got real about her fashion as a first-time mom. She welcomed son Rhodes Robert in December 2020.

“I am definitely less precious with my clothes, because they’re going to end up very dirty by the end,” the actress explained to the magazine. “By the end of my pregnancy, I couldn’t even fit into pregnancy jeans, and I was so tired of wearing stretchy pants. So finally, when I could put on a pair of jeans—granted, they were much bigger than they were before — it was just so nice to really feel like myself again. I’ve been wearing jeans a lot now, because I couldn’t for so long.”

When she first made her debut as Addie Singer on Unfabulous, the star rocked jeans on the red carpet. Over the years, she’s traded in pants for stunning ball gowns. Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of Emma’s best red carpet looks and style evolution.  

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