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It’s time to win free stuff and support an amazing cause in the process. If you’ve ever had a conversation with your parent(s), the topic of smoking has definitely come up. You might have even tried it and hated it and know just how bad it is for you. Well, we’re sending you some major props for making the healthy choice of saying no to the wacky tobacky, but, truth®, one of the largest and most effective youth tobacco prevention campaigns, has uncovered a major discovery: Big Tobacco companies exploit low-income communities (72% of the American population) by making tobacco advertisements more prominent and providing more tobacco retailers in those areas.

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So, what can you do to bring this truth® to light? You can enter for a chance to win one of three truth® “Worth More" Prize Packages, an $80 value filled with campaign merchandise, that includes a backpack, sunglasses, enamel pins, and more. And it's all to help spread the word. truth®’s “Worth More” campaign is lead by Imagine Dragons lead vocalist Dan Reynolds and country star Jon Pardi to expose the tobacco industry’s efforts of making cigarettes more accessible and affordable to vulnerable Americans.

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Do your part! Tell Big Tobacco why you’re #WorthMore than smoking by tweeting to @truthorange and using the downloadable custom profile photo overlay at to share across your social media profiles. And make sure to enter for a chance to win this giveaway every day until March 16, 2018. Good luck and thanks so much for spreading the word.

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