The new Nickelodeon movie Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is a hilarious adventure in a magical library. Based on a book by Chris Grabenstein, the film follows a group of kids who are selected to test out board game-maker Mr. Lemoncello’s newest creation, a magical library. Kyle Keeley (Casey Simpson), Akimi (Breanna Yde), Sierra (Klarke Pipkin), and Peckleman (A.J. Rivera) have to use their wits to escape from an incredible state-of-the-art library designed by Mr. Lemoncello himself. It’s like the ultimate escape room. Luckily, the kids know they have what it takes to solve the puzzle. The cast of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library exclusively told J-14 all about their characters and what it’s like filming such an incredible movie. See it all unfold below!

Each one of the kids has a super fun personality and are ready for anything Mr. Lemoncello throws at them. And the fun and games don’t stop when the credits start rolling! The cast has spent so much time together that they’re basically BFFs in real life, too. Try watching that video and not wanting to hang out with them. You’ll get a chance to see more of the cast of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (and the ridiculous antics they get up to) when the movie premieres on October 9, 2017 only on Nickelodeon.

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