Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan appeared on the TRL reboot yesterday and they spilled the beans about whether or not they would ever even think about dating a fan. Their answer will make every single girl who is absolutely in love with the Dolan Twins believe they really have a chance to win over their hearts. So, the short answer is yes, they would date a fan! But it’s so much more than that. The boys looked super cute on TRL and had the cutest things to say about a potential fan girlfriend.

Ethan said, “Honestly, yeah I would. I would want my girlfriend to be a fan of me cause I would be a fan of whatever she was doing.” Oh. My. God. Can he get any more perfect?!

Grayson’s answer was just as good and we can’t help but wonder where these boys come up with all of these one-liners that completely slay. He said, “I mean I don’t think you can control who you fall in love with so if it happens…yeah, it’s a possibility.”

That one person could be you! Not only is this the best news we’ve heard all damn week, the Dolan Twins answered a few other questions on TRL that had the audience literally cheering for them. Celebrity crushes? Ethan said he has his eye on Nicki Minaj at the moment. Grayson said he didn’t have one which is like totally lame but whatever. We’ll let it slide because he admitted he would date a fan.

The boys also revealed that they creep on their comments section! So, yes, whether you send them something super sweet or nasty, Ethan and Grayson are seeing it. They don’t give away how much they comment stalk, but they are on Twitter and Instagram seeing all of y’all out there, so beware. As for what the boys would be doing if they weren’t incredibly gorgeous, comment stalking, YouTubers? Well, they wouldn’t be on TRL, that’s for sure. Ethan would probably be training dolphins. Hmmm…the more you know, I guess?

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