YouTuber Eva Gutowski has slowly become everyone’s obsession’s over the last few years! The social media star has racked up more than 11 million subscribers on the video streaming app, more than seven million followers on Instagram and four million on TikTok.

Well guys, if you aren’t already, prepare to fall in love with the influencer because J-14 had the chance to chat with her about where she gets inspiration for her videos, her favorite YouTubers and what she loves about TikTok. It turns out, Eva comes up with her video ideas just by living her normal life!

“For me, the hardest thing I can do to myself is sit inside and think, ‘YouTube, YouTube, YouTube.’ I have to just live my life and then get inspired through that,” she explained, adding that she often finds inspiration in the places she visits. “I get inspired by where I’m going — I love making travel videos, I do a lot of cool travel vlogs.”

As for her favorite YouTubers, the brunette beauty admitted she loves to watch Cody Ko, and get this — when she ran into him at a recent event, she had a total fangirl moment of her own!

“I was too nervous to go up to him. We had met before and I didn’t know if her would remember me,” she dished. “My friend was like, ‘I’ll go bring him over,’ and she did and he was like, ‘We’ve met before!’ I was like, ‘I love your YouTube channel and your girlfriend all your friends, I just want to be part of your friend group. I’m a big fan.'”

Eva Gutowski Exclusive

Eva also dished on the super popular TikTok community!

“You know what I really like about TikTok? That there aren’t super set in stone TikTok creators. There’s always someone new on my feed, literally every day I find someone who’s super funny,” the vlogger told us. “That’s the best part of it, it’s such a new platform for content, everyone has the chance to go viral and it’s really cool finding new people.”

But as much as she loves TikTok, the 25-year-old added that YouTube will forever hold a special place in her heart.

“I love YouTube, I literally fall asleep to YouTube. I gotta be careful, it’s kind of dangerous. I get sucked in,” she concluded. “I only go on TikTok when I want to make one, and then I just scroll for two hours.”

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