When One Direction went on hiatus, it felt the world stopped rotating for some Directioners. Almost two years later, Harry Styles and Niall Horan are touring across the United States. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are hanging out with their babies, Freddie and Bear. We know what One Direction is up to during the hiatus. But what about the people who worked with them? For former 1D drummer, Josh Devine, the end of One Direction meant the beginning of something pretty awesome for him. Together with guitarist Hayden Maringer and singer Sean Michael Murray, Josh created Evaride – your newest obsession. The hiatus couldn’t have come at a better time for Evaride.

“It was like 'I'm off the road. I don't know how long for,” Josh explains. “I'd been dying to do this kind of rock-pop band for a very, very long time. It's just that now is the perfect opportunity.”

So far, Evaride has released a single called "Heartless" that has fans falling in love. The band prides themselves on their “high-soaring vocals with an edge in the instrumental,” a major key in the track. In honor of the music video premiere, Evaride spoke to J-14 about the inspiration behind the song and what’s next for the band. Check out the exclusive premiere of "Heartless" below.

After spending so much time playing music for others, the boys of Evaride are pumped to “get [their] own emotions out on paper rather than reliving someone else’s.” "Heartless" is inspired by a rough patch in Sean’s life where he “always knew that there was hope and there was a way out of the dark time.” Now, he’s sharing that story with you. With Sean’s lyrics, Hayden worked his magic on the guitar, Josh threw in that sick drumbeat, and the single was born.

“We all really put in our unique individual tastes together and the nuances that we do to ultimately create what 'Heartless' has become,” Sean says. For him, that’s Green Day, Pearl Jam, and 21 Pilots. Hayden grew up loving those “older 70s, 80s rock bands where guitar was the centric force of the music.” And Josh will play “anything that's got a good melody and a really, really good beat.” Together, they're in perfect harmony. Now, Evaride is stoked to be releasing their debut music video.

Hayden and Josh had known each other from Hayden’s gig playing guitar for One Direction's Take Me Home tour opening act, Camryn. Then, they met Sean (who’s been on Broadway’s American Idiot and more) through a colleague.

"We sent [Sean] some of the demos and he sent back that same day," Hayden tells J-14. "Sean went into the studio and cut some vocals to the tracks that we made. We flew to New York two weeks later to all meet up and that was it. It was a done deal."

With a start like this, Evaride is guaranteed to soar into stardom. They’ve already got thousands of dedicated Directioners on their side. Everyone can agree that the best thing to come out of the hiatus is all the incredible solo music. Josh is actually a huge fan of Flicker and couldn’t be prouder of all the boys. After touring with 1D for about five years, Josh admits it was crazy hearing "Heartless" play after one of Niall’s new songs. All of Evaride would love to tour with One Direction if they ever get back together. That woud be a pretty perfect story to tell for Hayden and Josh, who met on 1D's Take Me Home tour.

Dreams aside, Evaride is really pumped for what’s in store. Right now, they’re “in the studio writing and recording a bunch of new songs,” but they refuse to give us specifics! It’s all going to happen super organically, just like the creation of the band was. Hayden hints that new music will be out by the beginning of 2018. If you want a sneak peek, there are acoustic performances of some of their new stuff all over YouTube. You’ve just gotta do a little digging.

We’ve got "Heartless" on repeat until the new year. And trust that we’ll be playing the music video for all of our friends.

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