We’re all obsessed with something and for Shawn Mendes, it looks like his obsession might be releasing tracks about his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello.

The couple broke up publicly after releasing a joint Instagram statement in November 2021. Since then, the Canadian crooner has released two songs about a breakup: the first was released in December 2021 called “It’ll Be Okay,” and then another in March called “When You’re Gone,” which came with a music video.

The “In My Blood” singer laments in his music video about how hard it is to let someone go and that he’s trying to hold on, and fans immediately suspected it was about Camila. What many fans did not know is that the former Fifth Harmony member actually knew of the song months before its release, Shawn revealed in an interview with E! News.

“Camila heard this song months ago, so we have a really honest relationship. I would never really put a song out about her before she would hear it,” said the “Stitches” singer. “She knows me and I know her, and ultimately, we both are writers and we both know what it is to make music and what the bigger picture of making art is,” he shared. “We’re supportive of that, always.”

Camila has also released her own song about getting back up after a breakup called “Bam Bam,” so obviously the pair are both coping with their split in similar ways.

“You’ve got to give yourself a lot of grace to kind of be a little bit of a mess, and that’s OK,” Shawn explained of his heartbreak. “And then, you have to look around at the people who are there and not the people who aren’t.”

Well, at least he has a world tour coming up to take his mind off of the split called Wonder, which kicks off this summer.

“You can only prepare yourself so much and then you have to just start playing shows because it’s wild,” he shared. “I think there’s no feeling in the world that feels like stepping in front of 10 thousand people and playing a show.”

Scroll through our gallery for Shawn’s new breakup anthems so far.

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