J-14 chatted exclusively with Bridgit Mendler, star of the new Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie, about working on the show, playing games with Jason Dolley, and showing her nerdy side.

Good Luck Charlie premieres tonight at 8:30 pm on Disney Channel.

J-14: You worked on Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which just won Favorite Movie at the Kids' Choice Awards. What was it like to beat The Twilight Saga: New Moon?
Bridgit Mendler:
Very, very unexpected. I was totally in awe of that. That's incredible!

J-14: Are you excited for tonight's premiere of Good Luck Charlie?
I'm so excited. We've been working on the show since August and to have it actually come about for everyone to see is so weird. We're all really excited!

J-14: What's it like on set? Do you all get along?
Oh yeah, I think even at the very beginning we all clicked and we all enjoy each other's company. We have a lot of fun on-set traditions, like our dad on the show, Eric Allan Krammer, likes to cook for us and we have dress-up day on Tuesdays, which we haven't been keeping up with recently, but we've had some really good dress-up days.

J-14: Are you friends with co-star Jason Dolley?
Oh yeah, Jason's great! He's like a brother to me, and we have a lot of fun on the show. We like to play a lot of games. Jason is incredible at games, so he beats everyone at every game. I beat him at Boggle the other day, so I'm pretty proud of that.

J-14: What do viewers have to look forward to with Good Luck Charlie? What do you hope they take away from it?
I think they can spend some good family time together watching a show that I hope they enjoy. It's nice that it's a show that relates to people on a real level, and I hope that people can appreciate the experience and that they laugh along with all our little mishaps.

J-14: Would you say that you're a lot like your character, Teddy?
In some ways I am. I like being nerdy like Teddy and I think she has a lot of great energy. I'm totally a nerd! I don't deny that for a second. I think in that way we're the same, but I think she's a bit more of a perfectionist then I am. She wants everything to go exactly how she planned and I think I let loose a little bit more than that.

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

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