Fresh off of touring with Taylor Swift, Frankie Ballard is taking country music by storm. Frankie sat down with J-14 to talk about his start, his song "A Buncha Girls," and of course, Taylor.

J-14: Tell us a little bit of how you got started.
Frankie Ballard:
I know a lot of country artists just pack up and move to Nashville right away because it's kind of like L.A. — if you want to be an actor you gotta go — but I wanted to do it a little different and start building a fanbase, so I started playing live in clubs. Kind of making trips down to Nashville. Like one Monday through Friday week I'd go down and try to meet people and network and write songs and get in the in-crowd in Nashville, but without moving there. I did that for about a year. I finally did a showcase there and Warner Brothers made me an offer. It was a little different than just up and moving.

J-14: Is it true you didn't start learning the guitar until you were 18?
I got started a little late, but once I started, I was so passionate about it, so I locked myself away in my bedroom and was determined to really learn how to play. I'd spend on a lot of days eight to ten hours a day trying to catch up.

J-14: Tell us about your song "A Buncha Girls."
I wrote that song about you girls — how you guys stick together. Guys, we could go to a movie and we don't feel like we have to go with a bunch of friends, but girls feel like they can't go anywhere without their friends. Ya'll go to the bathroom together, you go on vacations and trips together — so that's what it is. It's an anthem for the girls, for the summer. Roll the windows down and crank it up! Say, "This is our song!"

J-14: Do you have a favorite song that's going to be on your upcoming album?
Well there's a lot of up-tempo stuff, which I love to play live. My favorite song is probably "A Place To Lay Your Head." I just think it's fun. It's fun to play live and it's a cool little story. It's not brain surgery.

J-14: You just toured with Taylor Swift. Did you know her before you started touring?
I met her a couple of times, just briefly. At like award shows, but I haven't gotten the chance to really talk to her, but I was excited to get to know her and be out on tour with her.

Photo: Glen Rose Photography

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