TikTok star Jack Wright is facing public scrutiny following resurfaced and viral comments made by Tana Mongeau on her podcast “CANCELLED.” Keep reading for a full drama explainer and timeline.

In October 2023, Tana made several assertions on her podcast about a TikTok star — who she didn’t name at the time — that is markedly different in real life, compared to his pristine online persona. In the episode, she alleged that she had witnessed this influencer engaging in drug use and dressing up as American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween multiple times.

“I’ll just always see them at like 9AM at an after party doing crazy drugs,” she claimed at the time. “Every single year of Halloween week, I see them out dressed in the same costume as the same thing, Jeffrey Dahmer.”

During her podcast tour in June 2024, Tana was asked to reveal the identity of the TikToker she was talking about during that episode — and she then confirmed that it was in fact, Jack Wright.

Jack, who has 11.4 million followers on TikTok, has yet to address these allegations directly but continues to post new content on the platform.

Following Tana’s podcast comments, several of Jack’s videos have been flooded with comments. One recent post of him showing off his outfit had commenters writing: “yoo that outfit is killer,” or “that’s a killer fit,” in reference to Jeffrey Dahmer.

The “Cancelled” podcast, which is hosted by Tana and Brooke Schofield, has been on tour since the beginning of the year. Known for spilling influencer tea and their hot takes, the two friends could not be more different from one another, which is why it works.

Tana has been canceled so many times — from internet feuds to relationship drama to the TanaCon disaster — that some say she’s actually become impossible to cancel. Initially rising to fame with candid YouTube storytime videos recounting her wild experiences growing up in Las Vegas, Tana has since courted infamy through a string of scandals, punctuated by obligatory apology videos. Undeterred, she and close friend Brooke reclaimed the spotlight by launching their own podcast. “Cancelled” in 2021.

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