If you think that Jeff Atkins deserved better, you are not alone.

The Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why has quickly become the most popular show in the streaming service’s history after just three weeks of its release. The show covers tons of topics that teenagers deal with like bullying, depression, and heartbreak and a lot of the characters left a bitter taste in the viewers’ mouths, but Jeff is the one that most people seem to agree with deserved a better fate than what the show gave him.

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Jeff was kind, unproblematic, selfless and thoughtful unlike most of the other people on the show, and that had a lot to do with the actor who played the role—Brandon Larracuente. The actor was able to build the character from scratch since he was not in the original book that the show was based on, and he decided to make him someone who cared about other people and he certainly did one heck of a job.

As Clay Jensen’s friend, Jeff tried to help him come out of his shell but his life was cut short after a terrible car accident. Even if Jeff will not be on the show’s second season if there is one, Brandon is surely here to stay and if this role is any sign of where his career will go, he has a super promising future.

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Click through the gallery above to find out all the things you did not know about Brandon Larracuente.

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