It's no secret that Netflix's new series – and most popular series to date – 13 Reasons Why is taking over the world. Everyone is watching it, talking about it and hoping the season 2 announcement is just around the corner. Whether you binge-watched the show or decided to take your time with it, the characters are easy to fall in love with.

Not only are they super relatable but they deal with issues that sometimes teens and high school students are afraid to talk about. The show grapples with suicide, friendship, and relationships – it's not your average sitcom drama.

Selena Gomez Reveals Why She Originally Wanted to Play Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why

Now that we may think we know the characters, it's time to get to know the actresses and actors that play these characters. We specifically decided to dive into Katherine Langford's* background. Katherine plays the role of Hannah Baker on 13 Reasons why and she has been continually praised for her work ever since the series came out.

Not only is this girl really freaking talented but she's a newcomer to the biz which makes her work that much more impressive. She holds her own alongside Dylan Minnette and Selena Gomez has become not only a mentor but a friend. One thing is for sure, Katherine has come a long way from her home in Australia.

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Did you know that found out she got the part for Hannah Baker and only had TEN DAYS to get a passport that would allow her to move from Austrailia to California and start working? Talk about a crazy few days that must have been! And did you know that she actually bought a piano for her apartment so that she could lighten her mood after a long day of filming 13 Reasons Why? There's so much about Katherine, the person, that fans have very little knowledge about.

She might be beautiful, talented and the greatest person ever to play Hannah Baker but she's also got some other qualities and quirks about her that make her super unique!

Click through the gallery and check out some of the most important facts every Katherine Langford fan should know!

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