We don’t know about you guys, but Famous in Love is already our new obsession!

The new Freeform drama, which stars Bella Thorne, focuses on the life of Paige Townsen, a college student who auditions for the lead in a show called Locked, lands the part, and literally becomes famous overnight. We’ve only seen the pilot, but it was jam-packed full of drama, steamy moments, and of course, memorable one-liners!

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At first, we were introduced to Paige the celebrity, who signed autographs round the clock and graced the covers of major magazines. But then, we were taken back to where it all began, which was a year ago. We met her quirky besties, Cassie and Jake, who both persuaded her to audition for the new hit show.

But before she even landed the part, there were a lot of juicy moments that went down with the other major characters — like Cassie, who seems to be leading a double life, and superstars Rainer Devon and Jordan Wilder, who are apparently in the middle of a giant feud!

While we enjoyed all the intense moments and major twists, there were quite a few one-liners that stuck out to us. For instance, Cassie was literally the queen of funny comebacks, with quotes like: “I’ll just chew my fingernails. That’ a protein, right?” And if you think that’s good, just wait until you see the rest!

Check out our quick review of the most memorable one-liners from Famous in Love and make sure to tune in every Tuesday night on Freeform!

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