If you're going to the beach the summer (i.e. you aren't a literal vampire who hates fun) then chances are you're not sure just how you'll express all your fangirl-ish whims when you strip down to a bathing suit. There's only so much that your Harry Styles phone case can express, you know? But don't worry—on the magical world that is the Internet, you can purchase goods and wears that worship your favorite celebrities like you do: swimsuits, towels, and beach-ready items for all fangirls. And we have to admit, seeing your all-time fave Snapchat star on a bikini is definitely… amusing.

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Ok, we'll be real with you, the items run through a spectrum similar to fangirling itself: it can be anywhere between "pretty cute" to "kinda side-eye-worthy" or "lol wut" to "oh dear God, why?" But hey, if you want to bring your obsessions to the shore this summer, we have you covered.

Scroll down to see some serious fangirl beach-ready merch to bring while you're out sunbathing this summer.

1. This Sparkly and Silly Kylie Jenner Bikini— $10.59+

kylie bikini

Finally, you can keep your favorite Kardashian-Jenner close to your… heart.

Where to buy: Amazon

2. This Somewhat Confusing Cameron Dallas Bikini— $10.59+

cameron bikini

Obviously the endgame goal here is that you'll put on this Cameron-embellished bikini and he'll see it and want to marry you.

Where to buy: Amazon

3. This Bella Thorne Hat to Ironically Place Upon Rainbow Hair — $8.31

bella thorne

Or just help shield you from the sun while you daydream about the G-rated days of Shake It Up.

Where to buy: Amazon

4. This Cute Retro One Direction Towel — $17.50+

one direction

Speaking of G-rated days, what could be better than lying on the beach with your favorite boys back when they were still bbs?

Where to buy: $17.50, Amazon

5. Actually, JK, This Is a WAY Cuter Retro 1D Towel — $29.95+

one direction towel 2

This would be better, because obviously pastels > primary colors.

Where to buy: $19.95, Amazon

6. This Harry Styles Sun-Shielding Umbrella — $21.56+

harry styles umbrella

OK, REAL TALK, this is probably better suited for singing in the rain and what-have-you, but it could work for your really pasty friends, too.

Where to buy: Amazon

This Selena Gomez Beverage Container — $22.88+

selena water

Selena thinks that it's v important to stay hydrated, clearly.

Where to buy: Amazon

7. Taylor Swift '1989' Sunglasses — $24.99

taylor swift sunglasses

They…kinda look like regular sunglasses, but you get a carrying case that'll throw you back to peak days of TSwift (it's been so long).

Where to buy: $29.99, Amazon

8. A Justin Bieber Bag to Carry All Your Supplies — $24.04

justin bag

And it's waterproof, thank goodness!

Where to buy: $29.99, Amazon

9. Or This Dove Cameron Drawstring Bag If You Feel Like Packing Light — $30.00


Maybe a marginally more aesthetic option, ideal if you're only carrying sunscreen and, you know, your 1989 glasses.

Where to buy: RedBubble

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