Fans were left seriously shook after Charli and Dixie D’Amelio‘s mom, Heidi, took to Twitter and called out haters who “drag someone [forever] for a mistake.” Some people were convinced that the mom of two shaded fellow TikTok star and Sway House member Josh Richards, who accused her daughter’s ex, Chase Hudson, of cheating in a diss track titled “Still Softish.”

“I’ll NEVER understand a person commenting hate/wishing death on a post — DISGUSTING — Also, what is with those people who drag someone [forever] for a mistake but when THEIR mistake becomes public, preach how they are sorry, learned from it [and] want to move on. So that only applies to you?” Heidi wrote on Monday, May 4.

Naturally, the D’Amelio family’s fans were quick to speculate who the post was about, with a lot of people naming Josh. Since Heidi’s social media rant came just a few days after the 18-year-old apologized after receiving major backlash for pulling down his pants during an Instagram Live and accidentally flashing the entire stream’s audience, Twitter users suspected that’s what she was referring to.

“She is talking about Josh… And she is right,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another added, “@JoshRichards how’s it feel getting subtweeted by Charli’s mom?”

Others thought that the 38-year-old was, in fact, throwing shade at Charli’s ex, Chase.

@xlilhuddy, this should apply to him because people keep blaming him for stuff he did and never forgive him for it and when they do it they say, ‘Oh it is alright it was a long time ago,'” one fan said. Another responded with, “[You’re] talking about Chase?”

Heidi did not further address the Twitter post or reveal who she was actually subtweeting, but since Charli has received major backlash online lately for her looks and TikTok videos, her mom could honestly be talking about anyone or anything.

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